JourneyFEST Fundraiser Application
JourneyFEST is happy to facilitate a fundraiser for you! We know many special needs families struggle to provide for their children due to overwhelming medical costs. JourneyFEST will facilitate a maximum of three fundraisers a year. Keep in mind that because JourneyFEST is a 501(c)(3) charity, anything donated to us is tax deductible (the donor will receive a receipt) and because no money is given directly to the families, you are not liable for any additional income taxes.

Read the information and guidelines below to see if you might qualify for a JourneyFEST fundraiser.

How it works:

The burden of soliciting donors is on you. You can post wherever you want except in the JourneyFEST group or on the JourneyFEST page.

Have your donors send money to JourneyFEST’s paypal ( or mail a check to P.O. Box 941370, Plano, TX 75094. If you opt for paypal, keep in mind that paypal takes out fees.

Make sure that your donors specify that the donation is for you. If the donation isn’t designated, it will go into JourneyFEST’s general fund.

When the fundraiser is over, JourneyFEST will buy the items you needed or pay the bill you needed paid. No money will be sent to you directly. If money is left over, you can request it in gas or walmart gift cards. No money will be retained in your fund.

The maximum you can raise is $5000.

Fundraisers get ‘talked up’ for one week, we collect money for two weeks, and then it is complete.

Who qualifies:

Families who have a child or children with documented special needs
Families who can provide 2 references
Families who do not have more than $1000 in savings (provide screenshot of account totals)

Funds can be used for:

Medical equipment and supplies, etc.
Storage for medical supplies
Medical bills
Living expenses
Other things on a case by case basis because this list is not exhaustive

Please note: any of these things can be changed at the Board's discretion, and the Board has the right to decline to do a fundraiser for anyone with or without cause.

Applications will be processed within 72 hours. Applications will not be considered complete unless all items are filled out and you have emailed the screenshot of your account totals to

JourneyFEST will contact you after processing your application to let you know if we can facilitate a fundraiser for you and what dates it will be.

Thank you!


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