AutoML bootcamp @ ICML July 11, 2015
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In machine learning there is NO free lunch. To win your free food complete ALL the following prerequisites. This will also guarantee you WiFi access and GPU access, and participation in the hackthon.  Numbers in ( ) refer to the comments below.
(1) Go to the "Participate" tab, accept the rules, go to "Get data" in the left side menu, scroll down. Complete the pre-requisites by downloading the datasets of Round 1 and 2. It is OK to put them all in the same directory. [datasets round1 are needed for the hackathon, round2 for this homework - good to get both now]
(2) If you already have Anaconda, update such that you have those versions or more recent ones: scikit-learn 0.15.2, numpy 1.9.1, scipi 0.14.
To update Anaconda, type at the prompt:
conda update conda
conda update anaconda
conda update scikit-learn
conda update numpy
conda update scipy
(3)  You can also use any text editor. The Spyder editor coming with Anaconda can be started with the Anaconda launcher.
(4) If you use the Spyder editor, just press the green arrow. This should create a subdirectory res/  with the results. The program takes input_dir and output_dir as arguments, but if you have made the change of step 8., you don't need any arguments, you can just run "python" at the shell prompt, else: "python /path_to_data res"
(5) Zip should Include metadata,, lib/ and res/, but not the data.
(6) Go to the "Participate" tab, then to "Submit/view results" in the left side menu.
Time taken --- ONE NUMBER in MINUTES *
Time taken to do all the tasks above (homework and solving any related problems appearing). Include time of code execution (but only one if you did re-running of code for some reasons)
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Comments regarding the instructions (or the form in general)
If you would like to help to improve these instructions, tell us how. Rembember to describe precisely, mention the operating system version, etc. Also tell us if you think we need to describe some step that might not be obvious.
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