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Book of John
Chapter 13            New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Jesus knew it was time to depart from this world in what verse? *
Who had put in Judas heart to betray our Lord? *
Who had given all things into our Lord's hands? *
Peter did not want Jesus to wash his feet. What did Jesus say in response to his protest? *
Jesus mentioned that not all where clean after the washing of the feet. Who was it? *
v. 11
In the synoptic accounts we read of events during this evening, which talk about a feud over what? *
Mt. 26, Mk. 14, Lk. 22
Normally a performed task of a household slave. Jesus shows himself a model of humility in this passage? *
1 Timothy 5:10
Peter learns that you have to be a disciple on Christ's terms in what verse of scripture? *
Was verse 10 a reference to the fact that the disciples had already been bathed in the waters of baptism?
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" Very truly, I tell you, _____________ are not greater than their ___________, nor are messengers greater than the one who sent them ".
v. 16 NASB ( Fill in the blanks ).
Who was the first disciple to ask Jesus the name of the person who would betray him?
v. 24
Jesus spoke about a new commandment he had given them shortly after Judas had left the room. What was it?
v. 34
By what will people know that you are Christ's disciples?
v. 35
The Torah commanded human love for ourselves and our neighbor. Jesus commands ___________ love?
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What is the name of the non-canonical book. That describes a lot of John's exploits?
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These apocryphal gospels derive from a variety of groups of early Christians: Jewish Christians, Gnostic and proto-orthodox. Most of them are late and legendary, and many forged with apostolic license.
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