Get to know the #OtherAmericans
The problem: We are more divided as a country than ever it seems. We have completely separate news articles, very different facebook feeds, and our only idea of what people on the other side look like comes from our biased media. We are making villains out of each other while Washington elites continue to make major decisions about our lives. Plus, this election year was rough on everyone. Let's do better next time.

My solution: Let's get to know the other Americans again - first hand. Fill out this short form and you'll be connected with a pen pal from the other side. The purpose of this is not to change the other person's views. Rather, it is to better understand each other and see if we can stop fighting and shift more power back to the collective people of the United States.

How it works: I will match you to your pen pal and send an e-mail kicking things off. It's up to the two of you from there.

Questions? E-mail

What is your name? *
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Where do you lean politically? *
This doesn't need to encompass all of your beliefs. It won't be revealed to your pen pal. It just gives us a general idea so we can match you with someone who thinks differently. Use the "other" option only if you really don't feel you can be represented by the other descriptions.
Why are you signing up for the #OtherAmericans Project?
Can be as long or short as you like. Can also be left blank if you don't want to answer.
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What is your favorite song right now? *
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