Feedback on container pond
Hi! I am a year 12 student currently working on an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The broad topic of my EPQ is wildlife gardening, with my working title being : How can the uptake of wildlife gardening be increased among inexperienced gardeners, considering the issues within the urban residential environment? The aim of my project is to produce a detailed design for a wildlife pond kit that fits my audience. I have chosen to promote this survey on gardening forums as members are likely to have an interest in the subject. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please ensure you aware of the following before completing the survey (Ethical Considerations):
- The aim of this investigation is to ask questions related to the topic of urban wildlife gardening and your opinion on my ideas
- This short survey provides my first design of the container pond and two open questions for the respondent to add any comments they may have. The first section has images only and the second has a space for respondents to comment.
- This survey is anonymous, the identity of respondents is not shown to the author or other participants. There are no questions that ask you to identify yourself
- You have the right to withdraw from participating in the survey while answering the questions. Once submitted you are given a chance to edit your submission. Due to the format of an anonymous internet survey responses are unable to be deleted once submitted
- Data will be stored using Google Forms
- The purpose of this research is academic and findings or responses could be used within my work. Data collected will not be published outside of my academic environment.
- If you understand and agree to these terms then you may continue to complete the survey
The first design- This is a design for my pond pot specifically. In my overall design there are other pots surrounding this to act as an access path. Below are some enlarged sections of the design.
Zoomed in image of design
Water crowfoot
Water starwort
Water spearmint
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