Teacher Leader Scholarship Application
75% off regular registration for Summer Institutes (Regular price is $300, thus the scholarship price is $75) for Deaf teacher leaders who desire to learn this information and teach it to others through leadership in their schools, districts, national, or state organizations, through conference or workshop presentations, or through blogging, writing, or other multimedia/digital means. Deadline to apply is July 17, 2020.
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How do you intend to lead others to implement the systems and strategies that you will learn at Summer Institutes? This is not a formal commitment; we just want to know how you envision using your learning to develop other teachers' practices. *
Are you interested in participating in our 2021-22 Leadership Incubator, after you have had a year to implement these systems and materials? The intent is to provide on-the-job paid training to recruit, train, and partner with future contractors with the World Language Proficiency Project. In 2021-22, we will most likely need to contract with more (1) Curriculum Club coaches (for online work), (2) Summer Institute trainers/demo teachers, and/or (3) writers/resource developers to partner with our Curriculum Department, especially in the areas of creating materials that bring a wider variety of voices and perspectives into World Language curricula. If no, please type in "no." If yes, please type in what type of work you are interested in (or describe a kind of work we have not yet thought of, that you would like to see us take on, with your help), what your goals are for this partnership with us, and how your skills and experience have prepared you to do this work. *
Is there anything else you would like to share? Please feel free to provide us with any feedback or additional information. We would especially treasure your feedback on any barriers that were present for you as you completed this application or interacted with our materials, websites, staff members, or company brand. We value your perspective and deeply appreciate your sharing it with us as we strive to build the most inclusive and welcoming organization we possibly can.
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