Chin Track Days Novice Evaluation
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Attitude: Willingness to learn, relax, be courteous and have fun
Event Procedures: Flag definitions, corner worker stations and run off areas.
Definitions: Turn in, brake point, apex, track out, early, late, oversteer, understeer.
Driving Position: Seat, mirrors, hand positions and hand movement on the wheel.
Awareness: Reads traffic, allows passing, proper use of signals and mirrors.
Driving line: Knows how to enter and exit the track and all turns.
Vison: Looking ahead through the turn, scans the entire field and does not follow traffic.
Car control: Demonstrates proper recovery techniques, knows principles of vehicle dynamics and smoothness.
Braking: Knows proper braking technique for each turn. Understands threshold/ABS braking and trail braking.
Shifting: Rev matching, heel toe, selecting proper gear for the corner and doesn't ride the clutch.
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