2017 CSA Conference Bahamas Heritage and Culture Tours
Dear CSA Membership:
We are entering the final stages of preparations for the CSA 2017 conference in Nassau. As you finalize your conference registration and hotel arrangements I wanted to bring to your attention a number of opportunities to engage with Bahamian Heritage and Culture during your time in Nassau. The Local Organizing Committee has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism to arrange a series of tours and outings that showcase the local arts, culture and heritage scene:

(1) African Heritage Encounter: (Total estimated tour time 3 1/2 to 4 hours)

Worrell Bush Tea, Clifton Heritage National Park Gambier Heritage Village, Fox Hill Heritage Village

Worrell Bush Tea:
• Sampling of natural Bahamian Bush teas, ice teas, juices, candies, cassava starch and more
• Native Bahamian pastries are served to compliment the varies bush teas
• Narrative on Bahamian bush medicine history and medicinal traditions.

Clifton Heritage National Park
• The Clifton plantation story,
• Whylly plantation story
• Genesis Garden, Sacred Spaces
• Narrative on the War of Jenkins Ear
• The Poor Kate narrative (an enslave African who was tortured to death)
Gambier Village:
• Tour of Gambier Heritage Village
• Elijah Morris Story/the Creole Munity story
• Have school kid perform (ring play, other African acts, sing Bahamian songs, end junkanoo rush-out by the kids; have visitors participate in junkanoo rush-out).
• Conch salad sampling

Fox Hill Heritage Village:
• The Samuel Fox story
• Fox Hill has one of the oldest continues Emancipation celebration, starting in 1834 to present
• Fox Hill perhaps has retained more of its African heritage, than other Liberated Villages
• The Pa-Bay story, local Obeah-man

(2) Bahamian Craft Encounter: (Total estimated tour time 3 to 3 1/2 hours)

Gray Cliff Heritage Village:
• Glass blowing demonstration
• Straw bag making demonstration
• Bahamian tennis making
• Bahamian art and craft

Bahamas Hand Print Factory
• Tour of Bahamas Hand Print Factory
• Quality hand made products are on sale

Coconut Craft: (estimated tour time at Coconut Craft, 30 minutes)
• Coconut craft demonstration
• Coconut craft hands on, making
• Coconut craft evolution narrative

African-Bahamian, African-American, African- Caribbean Museum.
• Straw doll demonstration
• Straw doll narrative and links to South Carolina
• Narrative on the museum

Palm Dale Craft Centre:
• An association of artisans, displaying their products
• Locally made art work, jewelery and craft

(3) Bahamian Culture Encounter: (Total estimated tour time 2 1/2 to 3 hours)
Barabbas Junkanoo World Museum, Junkanoo Art at Doongalik Studios, Rake and Scrape demonstration. A brief stop at an authentic Junkanoo Shack.

Junkanoo Art at Doongalik

Junkanoo World Museum:
Rake & Scrape demonstration will be conducted at Junkanoo World

(4) Museum walking tour: (Total estimated tour time 2 to 2 1/2 hours)
Pompey Museum, Christ Church Cathedral, Gray Cliff Pirate Museum, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, D’Aguilar Art Foundation Museum and the John Watling’s Distillery.

Visitors are bused to Pompey Square North, short walk across the square the museum. After tour of Pompey walk up George Street to Pirates of Nassau, next stop is Christ Church Cathedral. Walk up George Street hill, have guest cross at cross walk to Blue Hill road across to East Hill Street to Gray Cliff Heritage Museum. From Gray Cliff Heritage Museum walk across to National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Light drinks served at parking lot of National Art Gallery, walk on to Delancy Street to John Watling’s Distillery. Tour ends at John Watling’s Distillery. Bus pick up guest and return to hotel.

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