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1. If you didn’t understand a concept in class would you rather:
2. How would you feel if your classmates all seem to understand what the teacher is talking about but you do not?
3. Would it be more comfortable for you to work in a group with students that were at the same level of understanding as you?
4. When you are moving along quickly in the material but some of your peers are not, how does this make you feel?
5. Would you prefer to be in a class where everyone learns the material at the same speed?
6. If some students were building while others were working on worksheets because they do not understand some of the basic concepts of the unit, how would this make you feel?
7. What is the most frustrating part of learning the material?
8. Do you feel embarrassed when you do not understand an assignment but other students are participating and asking good questions?
9. If everyone is being taught at their understanding, how would it make you feel to be doing a different assignment than someone else for the same unit?
10. Would you rather your class room be
How do you feel about your teacher tailoring an online assignment so that it addresses your specific learning needs?
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