Morris County Strategic Plan Survey
Have a say in the future of your county! Please fill out the survey below so we can better understand what you love about Morris County, and what you would like to see improved.
How many years have you lived in Morris County?
How would you rate Morris County as a place to live?
How does Morris County compare to other counties in New Jersey as a place to live - is Morris County better, worse, or about the same?
Please rate Morris County in the following areas.
Overall quality of county government
Communications with the public
Overall attractiveness of the county
Public safety
Cultural opportunities
Public transportation
Recreational opportunities
Condition of public parks
Amount of open space
Road and bridge maintenance
Quality of schools
Access to good jobs
An affordable place to live
Housing options that provide a good value for the cost
Ease of travel
Which of these issues should be addressed to improve Morris County? Choose 3.
Please indicate how important it is to have Morris County government support these programs and services financially.
Not at all important
Somewhat important
Very important
No opinion
Encouraging economic growth
Morris County Vocational School District
Improving the county’s road network
Buyouts of flood-impacted homes
Training of police, fire fighters, and EMTs
Senior/homebound meals program
Preserving farmland
Job training programs
Morris County Library
Health education and regulatory services
Public transportation options
Homeless services
Mental health services
Preserving open space
Preserving historic sites
Protecting the environment
County College of Morris
Expanding tourism
Law enforcement
Household hazardous waste disposal
Veterans services
Transportation for seniors and those with disabilities
Addiction services
Mosquito control
Parks and recreation
Services for residents with disabilities
Disaster preparedness
Public golf courses
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