15th ARCHEOFOSS - 2021 -EN
Conference date: 23-26 november 2021
The event will be online
Contact: archeofoss@gmail.com
FAQ: https://t.me/ArcheoFOSS_2021
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Numbered, comma and semicolon separated: 1 Name, Surname; 2 Name, Surname; 3 Name, Surname etc..
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Numbered and semicolon separated: 1 Affiliation; 2 Affiliation; 3 etc..
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Title *
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For Topic 1 participant/s, list of the programs with licence used for the proposal*
Numbered and comma and semicolon separated ex.: 1 QGIS, GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2; 2 BraDypUS, MIT license; 3 WebODM, GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 - *remember FLOSS means Free Libre and Open Source Software.
For Topic 2 participant/s, the link to the datasets and the licence of the datasets
If the project doesn't have the link the Organizing Committee will ask you when the dataset will be open and available. If the link for the dataset will not be open and it is not in free licence one month before the conference, the OC will reject the proposal. Ex. https://data.exemple_exemple.org/ , CC BY-SA 3.0
For Topic 3: the github/gitlab link of the project and the licence
If the code has not been previously published,, the CO will ask to open the code and the licence before the arrival of the paper proposal (the 1st September) or it will be rejected. Ex. https://github.exemple_exemple.org/ , MIT license.
If the proposal is accepted, I agree to submit the text of my paper by September 1, 2021, or I will be excluded from the conference. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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