Registration IT 2020
Great that you want to participate in TSBV Pendragon's International Tournament 2020 from May 29th until May 31st!

Please fill in the form below and press the submit button. You will need each player's email address, shirt sizes and diets/allergies, so keep that information at hand!

After you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with the confirmation and payment instructions within a few days. If this isn't the case, please contact us via .
You can also contact us if you have any questions about this form or the tournament in general.
Team name *
This name will be used for your team during the tournament.
Country of origin *
Teamcaptain (first and last name) *
The teamcaptain will be the contact person for the organization of the tournament via his/her email address and phone number.
Phone number teamcaptain *
Please include international access-code.
Email address teamcaptain *
Level of your team *
We might make more than one poule this year, in order to make it more attracting for less experienced players to join the tournament. The "beginners" level is meant for the inexperienced teams. NOTE: This does not mean we are definitely going to use this system.
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