Midsummer Tango Marathon 2023 Registration
*When registering as a couple EACH partner must fill in the form separately.
*All registration rules can be found here https://www.midsummertango.com/registration/ 
*Please, make sure to enter correct Email - we may not be able to reach you if it is incorrect
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1. Email address (just to be sure that there is no mistake) *
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4.  Link to your Facebook profile
Please COPY THE LINK to your profile from the address bar (sample: https://www.facebook.com/geravkerlarisa).  If you do not have a Facebook profile, write www.tango.fi. You may also link another social media page or video link where we may get to know you.
5. Dancing role:
6. Partner's Name and Surname if registering with one.  *
Write "No" if registering without a partner.
7. Partner's email if registering with one  *
Each partner needs to register separately. 
Write "No" if registering without a partner.
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