Circus Mobility's Leveling Up Program Application
Tis the season for all-or-nothing goal-setting and broken promises to yourself. Would you instead like to set goals that makes sense and actually meet them? Of course, you do. So what's stopping you? Meet Becky. (Yes, she has good hair.) Last year she resolved to get "more bendy" so she picked up a copy of an excellent flexibility program. When she purchased the program, she thought she had all of the answers. "If I do these things, I will be able to do all of the things I want to do in the air." How did that work for her? Her splits have improved, but she’s far from being able to perform the skills she hoped to nail by now.

So how is it working for you? A coach, trainer, or physical therapist can give you the keys to their domain, but you have to unlock the door. Maybe you opened the door and saw improvement like Becky. But odds are that you didn't achieve what you wanted to achieve, because here's the kicker: there's more than one key and there are thousands of doors. The information out there is overwhelming, targeted programming is limited, and most people are not equipped to be their own “head coach.” Moreover, lasting change is incremental and requires constant re-evaluation of your progress. You’ve heard that everyone moves at their own pace, and that’s true, but your trajectory is shaped by realistic goals and targeted progressive training.

Here’s where a new approach comes in. I’m looking for people who are or hope to be circus artists at any level and are ready, willing, and able to let someone else take a strategic look at their training, lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset and adopt some new daily practices. They will be highly individualized online programs that can be done in the context of your current training environment and will include monthly Skype or in-person sessions. I am confident that I can help you level up in 2019. Registration closes on Jan 15 and the three-, six-, or 12-month program (you choose your commitment) begins on Feb 1. Don’t miss out as the program will be closed to new applicants until the fall. I want to give my full attention to the current cohort.

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