826CHI Field Trip Application // 2019-2020
Thank you for your interest in an 826CHI Field Trip! The application for the 2019-2020 school year will be open through September 9th.


This program is no longer "first-come, first-served." Our shift in registration approach supports our mission of expanding arts access and equity across the city of Chicago.

The 826CHI team will carefully evaluate each application and select schools that align with our priority enrollment criteria, which prioritizes schools with a low number of existing arts partnerships, as well as classes with low-proficiency English Language Learners and students from low-income families.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one class you would like to bring, you need to fill out a separate application for each class.

Before you fill out this application form, please add BOTH Maria@826chi.org and alejandra@826chi.org to your address books.
Please add Maria@826chi.org and Alejandra@826chi.org to your address book. *
The CPS spam filter LOVES to devour our emails. It is very, very important that you receive email communication from us!
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We will be communicating with teachers primarily via email; if you miss essential communication from us, your class will not be able to attend a field trip.
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Are you the teacher who will be BRINGING your students to 826CHI, or an arts liaison planning the trip FOR a teacher? *
If you are an arts liaison, which teacher will be attending the Field Trip, and what is their email address?
826CHI requests communication with BOTH the liaison and the teacher.
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Please describe your class's level of English language proficiency, using CPS's ACCESS Scale. *
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**Indicates necessary follow-up and in-class revision for the publication of student work; details on web site
Anything else you'd like us to know about you/your class?
Please acknowledge 826CHI's Transportation Policy *
Although 826CHI Field Trips are entirely free of charge for teachers and students, schools are solely responsible for any and all costs associated with transporting students to and from 826CHI.
Please acknowledge 826CHI's Priority Enrollment Statement *
Priority enrollment for the Field Trip program is reserved for public schools within the city of Chicago. We take all of the following criteria into consideration: A) Schools who have a low number of arts partnerships (according to Ingenuity's Artlook map: http://www.artlookmap.com/); B) Schools with a high percentage of students from low-income families (according to the CPS web site: http://cps.edu/Schools/Find_a_school/Pages/findaschool.aspx); and C) Classes with a high percentage of students who are English Language Learners (according to the CPS web site and ACCESS scale: https://www.wida.us/standards/RG_Performance%20Definitions.pdf). We ask that teachers who register their classes for Field Trips self-identify as low-income, low arts partnerships, and/or as classes with students who are ELL's.
Please acknowledge 826CHI's Cancellation Policy *
If you must cancel your Field Trip, please do so AT LEAST TWO FULL WEEKS in advance of your scheduled date. We will make every effort to reschedule you, or will bring in a class from the waitlist. Because the Field Trip program is in incredibly high demand and we aim to serve as many students as possible, classes who cancel less than two weeks in advance—for any reason other than an emergency or unforseen standardized testing—will not be re-scheduled, and will not be permitted to attend an 826CHI Field Trip for two years.
Please acknowledge 826CHI's Confirmation / Waitlist Timeline *
We will review all applications beginning Tuesday, September 10th, and will be in touch about your registration status if your class was scheduled for a field trip. We will either send a confirmation and prospective date for your class trip (and begin the paperwork process together), or will notify you that you have been added to our waitlist—this will all be done via email, so PLEASE make sure that both Maria@826chi.org and Alejandra@826chi.org have been added to your address book. If you do not add these addresses, our messages will likely go to your Spam folder.
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