Premier League's Winner Match Predictions 英超联赛获胜队伍预测
Pick your predict winner match and get the point now!! (选出你觉得会获胜的队伍)
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#Liverpool (利物浦) vs Newcastle United (纽卡斯尔联) @2019/9/14 7:30pm
#Manchester United (曼联) vs Leicester City (莱切斯特) @2019/9/14 10:00pm
#Sheffield United (谢菲尔德联) vs Southampton (南安普顿) @2019/9/14 10:00pm
#Brighton & Hove A. (布莱顿) vs Burnley FC (伯恩利) @2019/9/14 10:00pm
#Wolverhampton Wanderes (狼队) vs Chelsea (切尔西) @2019/9/14 10:00pm
#Tottenham Hotspur (托特纳姆热刺) vs Crystal Palace (水晶宫) @2019/9/14 10:00pm
#Norwich City (诺维奇) vs Manchester City (曼城) @2019/9/15 12:30am
#Bournemouth (伯恩茅斯) vs Everton (埃弗顿) @2019/9/15 9:00pm
#Watford (沃特福德) vs Arsenal (阿森纳) @2019/9/15 11:30pm
#Aston Villa (阿斯顿维拉) vs West Ham United (西汉姆) @2019/9/17 3:00am
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