2017 Wauseon Homecoming Queen Pageant
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* Participants must be between the ages of 16 and 21.
* Participants must either be a resident of Clinton township or must attend or have previously attended Wauseon High School.

* Participants must make themselves available for scheduled rehearsal during the 2 weeks prior to the pageant.

* All participants will be judged in 4 catagories, officiated by 3 independent judges:
Sponsership Speech, Talent, Evening Gown, and Open Question and Response
Queen – $1000
1st Runner-up – $750
2nd Runner-up – $500
Additional Information
1. The primary purpose of this pageant is to put on a fun show for the city of Wauseon and its residents, not to hold a competition. Contestants are expected to be supportive of one another and may be dismissed from the pageant for poor attitudes or inappropriate behavior or actions during rehearsals and other pageant-related events.

2. Aside from earrings, no body piercings should be visible during the course of the pageant or other Homecoming festivities. Tasteful tattoos are allowed.

3. Hair color is to be pageant-appropriate. Dyed hair is permissible, but contestants are expected to look natural in their appearance.

4. Contestants are expected to refrain from drinking, smoking, using inappropriate language, showing public displays of affection, or participating in other activities that may be deemed “inappropriate” during the weekend of Homecoming.

5. In addition to the pageant, contestants are expected to be available for the entirety of Homecoming weekend. More specifically, they are required to be present for the following events:
Thursday – Contestants must be present for dress rehearsal in the afternoon. Obviously, contestants must be at the pageant.
Friday – Contestants must be present for 2 hours at Homecoming.
Saturday – Contestants must participate in the Homecoming parade and work at the ticket wheel from 10 p.m. to midnight. Contestants must also be present at Homecoming for 2 hours and will serve a shift at a bingo stand in the afternoon.

6. In addition, the Queen must be available for the following events:
The Queen may be called upon to judge entertainment events on Friday (if requested).
The Queen must be available at midnight on Saturday to draw the winning prizes.
The Queen must be available to participate in Homecoming the following year.

7. Prize and participation monies will only be given out at the end of the night on Saturday, after all hours have been verified by the Wauseon Homecoming Pageant Chair.

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