Battle Lake Public Schools Bullying Report Form
Battle Lake Public School District prohibits harassment, violence, discrimination and bullying in all forms. If you or someone you know has experienced harassment or bullying at School or at any school-related event for any reason, you may submit a report to have the incident(s) investigated by the District. An act of bullying, by either an individual student or a group of students, is expressly prohibited on school premises, on School district property, at School functions or activities, or on School transportation. This policy applies not only to students who directly engage in an act of bullying but also to students who, by their indirect behavior, condone or support another student's act of bullying. This policy applies to an act of cyberbullying regardless of whether such act is committed on or off school district property and/or with or without the use of school district resources.
Retaliation against any individual who makes a report or who participates or assists in an investigation or harassment or bullying is strictly prohibited. Please provide as much information as possible. All requested information is optional, however, detailed reports are very helpful.
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