Whiskies Waitlist ♥
Every bake sale we get inundated with request to take in just *one more box*. Honestly, would love to say Yes if I could but with the current limited production capacity/irregularities in supplies, we will have to cap orders once they are full so... here is a workaround that will hopefully help soothe those sweet cravings!

Note: If you don't want to be on waitlist, orders open 10am, every Monday
How this works
1) Each bake sale we will reserve 20 slots for people on the Whiskies waitlist (In order of first in, first out)
2) We will reach out to you in advance on whether you want the slot or prefer to pass it on to the next person
3) Once your waitlisted order is fulfilled, you will be removed from waitlist.

What this means is that.. as long as you got your name on waitlist.. WE WILL EVENTUALLY GET TO YOU.
Sounds like a plan?
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We'll ping you on ig if you're not reachable on mobile.
Thank you for building this space with me ❤
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