Latinx Leads Conference 2021: Call for Proposals
Latinx Leads is currently accepting workshop proposals for our 2021 conference. Below are a list of workshop titles that were featured at our conference this year. Please complete and submit this form by January 31, 2021. Each workshop will be scheduled to run for between 60 to 75 minutes. Additionally, the target population will be undergraduate students and higher education professionals (e.g. student life, resident directors, deans, etc.). Please submit abstract proposals (250-300 words) using the form below.

Given the high volume of proposals we receive, we will notify presenters if their workshop proposal was accepted by Friday, February 12, 2021. Workshop presenters who are chosen, are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses. You may contact the selection committee at if you have any questions.

Latinx Leads Conference Date:
Virtual Spring Conference
March 27, 2021

Past Conference Workshops:
- Leading from your Truest Latinx Self
- Navigating Academia in Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
- It Starts with a Nudge: The Power of Mentorship and Sponsorship in the Latinx Community
- Anti-Oppressive Framework 101 and Community Conversations that Need to Happen
- Decolonizing Perceptions in the Conversation on Latinx Identity
- Know Your WORTH: How Talking About Salary Uncovers Much More
- Building Inclusive Programming on Your Campus
- Supporting our Latinx Students on our Campuses

Visit our website for more information:
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