Q-Quest Request for Workshop Proposals Due: 9/14/18
This will be our 14th Annual Q-Quest Youth Festival and Conference. Q-Quest is a day-long event for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Allied youth. There are workshops, food, entertainment, conversation, and art with several hundred other LGBTQA youth from across the Metro and Greater MN area. Q-Quest will span over two days so we can bring in as many middle school and high school students as possible!

- Tuesday- November 13th - Middle School (grades 6-8) @ Crosswinds in Woodbury, MN
- Wednesday- November 14th - High School (grades 9-12) @ Crosswinds in Woodbury, MN
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Workshop Explanation
There are many ways to present information during a conference. We would like your workshop to be developmentally and age appropriate for the population you chose. We have also heard feedback from youth that they would like to be more engaged in their education and have more voice during the workshop whether this be a talking circle, small group discussions, story telling, interactive activities. Please be conscious of this. Create a space for youth voice, for questions and discussions, and if it fits with your workshop, a space for youth to create.
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Please give description of what the workshop will be.
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This one will go in flyer that students receive on the day of Q-Quest (please keep this short, clear, concise. Approximately 2 sentences please)
Is your workshop designed for specific population *
If it is not one of the boxes please check other and then describe.
Workshop Objectives *
Please list 1-3 objectives for this workshop
Please check as many boxes that you feel your workshop covers. This helps us ensure we have a wide variety of workshops and that we do not have too much overlap between each one.
Target Audience *
Middle school, High school, Trans youth, Allies, Greater MN Youth, Urban Youth etc.
Workshop ideal size *
What size classroom would work for your workshop? Please keep in mind that we do try to support these numbers however we ask that you remain flexible. Please comment at the end of this survey if you have strict number requirements.
Presenter Bio *
Quick snippet to let youth know who you are, where you work, and what you do. This will go in the Q-Quest packet for youth.
AV/ Supply/ Space needs for workshop *
Please remember that we try to keep the operations cost of Q-Quest low each year so that youth can attend at low/ no-cost. We appreciate presenters bringing the supplies they need, but will gladly try to support your needs and will have additional supplies available the day of. Please be very specific with what you need for your presentation(e.g. white board, projector, and table) and any additional supplies you will need (e.g. post-it notes, markers). (also list quantities needed for each item)
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