Examining faith in light of crisis, loss, & transition
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Do you consider yourself: *
Religious practice: *
If you are a person of faith, how would you describe your faith?
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Have you ever experienced a crisis? *
If so, how would you broadly characterize your crisis? (Check as many as apply.) *
Please note: You may have experienced multiple crises. If that's the case, please answer the questions the best you can or choose one that had a significant impact and answer with that experience in mind.
Would you consider this crisis: *
What connotation does the word “crisis” have to you? *
Did you see your crisis coming?
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Did you immediately recognize your crisis while you were in it? Or was it something you couldn’t see until hindsight?
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Did you feel supported during your crisis? (Check any that apply.) *
Where did you find your support during your crisis? (Check any/all that apply.) *
(Optional) Additional comments about the support you received:
What is one thing you wish people knew about your time of crisis when you were in it?
What is the biggest single change (or series of changes) you have experienced in your life? (And did you see this as a crisis?)
Did your crisis(es) lead to or include a crisis of faith? (Choose the one that best fits.) *
If you experienced a faith crisis, what do you feel may have contributed to it? (Check as many as apply) *
How would you describe God when your crisis was still fresh? (Check all that apply.) *
Do you think the Christian church is equipped to walk people through crisis? *
(Optional) Would you like to comment on why you answered the way you did?
(Optional) Have you left the faith of your childhood? If so, why?
If you are NOT currently connected to a church/faith community—do you wish that was different? (Why or why not?)
How do you get your spiritual needs met? (Check all that apply.) *
Has your crisis ever led to a major life transition? *
If you answered "yes," what did that transition feel like? (Click all that apply.)
Have you ever found yourself in one of these seasons? (Check all that apply.) *
If you selected more than one of the above, which one of those terms best describes your experience?
(Optional) Would you call that experience a “crisis”? Why or why not?
What do you wish you knew before you entered your time of crisis, loss, or transition? *
How did your crisis impact your faith? (Check all that apply.) *
What was your relationship with the Bible like during your crisis? (Check all that apply.) *
Are there particular Bible stories, scriptures, books, or music that helped you through your time of crisis/loss/transition? If so, please share:
What was your relationship like with your church/place of worship during your crisis? (Check all that apply.) *
Did you ever seek professional support such as a therapist or psychologist? (Check all that apply.) *
What do you think is the most important area of your life when navigating crisis/loss/transition? *
In your opinion, please rank these in order you find most to least important for navigating crisis. (Use each number only once.) *
1 (most important)
5 (least important)
What do you think the word 'liminal' or ‘liminality’ means? (You can check more than one as needed.) *
Liminality describes an in-between place such as a threshold—the space between where you were and where you're going. In times of change or transition it can sometimes be used to describe the place between who you were and who you're becoming. It's a "place" or season of transition or change or transformation. QUESTION: Is this a concept that intriguing to you? Would you want to learn more?
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Have you ever experienced an identity crisis? If so, what was the trigger? (Check all that apply.)
If you have experienced some type of identity crisis, did you see your experience as:
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(Optional) Would you like to make any additional comments?
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