Application SDC RD5 2018 Falköping 16 June
If you have any questions please email

The track's location on google maps:


OBS. The daily license is payed on site on the day of the competition. For more information, see:

Collection at 9:00
At 9:30 we will take a walk on the track.
Competition starts shortly thereafter.

Email address *
Information from the club.
The parking lot is placed a bit from the field. Drive down and leave equipment.
Then park at designated location. Drive slowly on the road.

Not possible for overnight stay at the field.
For information about overnight stay, send mail to the above mail.

Between 10-16, coffee, drink, cake, etc.
Lunch grill open from around 11 with burgers and accessories.

NOTE!!! No toilet at the field.

Charging only possible in case of emergency.

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Overview of the competition area.
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