COVID-19 Academic Accommodations Peer Support (McGill)
McGill University has yet to release any detailed information regarding the academic implications of short or long-term class cancellation or a move to online teaching. Until (and after) they do, please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to this form and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that as this is a student-run emergency response form, we cannot answer questions about when classes will resume or whether or not you will be able to graduate, but we can: answer questions about the rights you are entitled to as a student, offer support, contact your instructor (or any relevant University personnel) on your behalf, convey your concerns to the University administration, etc. All students are welcome to leave anonymous concerns, but if you would like a response to your query, please provide your contact information in the form.

This form is being monitored by the SSMU VP University Affairs. Please also note that the email has been created by organizers for all COVID-19-related support requests.
Contact information (email preferred)
Course Faculty/Course Code (eg. Science/PHYS 102)
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Is there anything else you can anticipate us helping with during this time? (Food delivery, mental health support, and other operations are already underway.)
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