Berkeley Marina Contact Information Update
Please help our team to ensure that we have the proper contact information for you:
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2. Email Address:
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3. Would you like to receive quarterly Marina newsletters via email?
Our Quarterly Marina Newsletters are going paperless. As a result, future newsletters will no longer be mailed in hard copy with your billing statements.If you wish to receive newsletters moving forward, please check "yes," below.
4. May we contact you via email regarding your account?
5. Current Phone Number(s)
Please provide your preferred phone number (i.e. cell phone) as as well as an alternate phone number (i.e. home or work) so that we may reach you regarding your account or in the event of an emergency.
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6. Current Mailing Address:
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7. Current Home Address (if different than above)
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8. Emergency Contact Information
Please provide us with names and phone numbers of someone our office can contact In the event of an emergency concerning you or your vessel in the event that you cannot be reached.
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9. Which dock is your vessel on?
10. What is your slip number on the above dock?
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Are you a live aboard?
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