The Artist's Way - a new (& advanced) approach
Helloo creatives!

Introducing good old artist's way - in a brand new format!

Same book. Different rules.

Ever wanted to spend more time with pesky chapter 8 or a month simply on abundance! How about the oh-so-important chapters at the end of the book that just didn't sink in. Leftover tasks niggling at your mind? How about doing the book backwards this time round? Or just want to do the artist's dates for three months straight? What about if you're missing the book and simply want to engage with the ideas again, tasks be damned!

Here's your chance.

Spend time diving back into the book at your leisure.

Come and give a check-in every week on the basis of what YOU define, be it pages or no pages, tasks or no tasks. Maybe you just want to pick up an exercise or meditation habit. Come and ask the group for ideas. WE'LL BE THERE FOR YOU! This time, seize the opportunity to use the book as you see fit.

Also, just throwing this out there, you can lead a session on anything you want, from painting to time management to that special hobby you have or simply conduct a regular session. Annnnd, group artist date's anyone? I'm open to turning this time block into one of those as well!

SO. Are you in?

It's 6pm every Saturday starting July 10th. INR 350 per month and 1000 for 3 months.

**Artist's Way newbies also welcome!**
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is book which you read and attempt the tasks week by week. They are mostly self-work related and some are to do with building creative journaling habits and fun artist's dates to take yourselves on. The complete title of the book is: Artist's Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self.

Book your slot today! Newbies - welcome to do a trial session.

Course conducted by me, @neharikagupta23 - IG

Reviews of previous clusters:
This is actually my first time joining a book circle and I’m amazed at the learnings and takeaways that I’m personally experiencing..
– Anju Shahani Certified Life Coach

I’d never been part of such courses or book clubs before and wasn’t really expecting anything from it. Over the weeks and without realising when and how exactly, I started doing things I used to love as a child like street art, and also started doing things I’ve always wanted to like fixing and using a typewriter.
– Stuti Sareen, Founder, Mysticeti magazine
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