AA2A Artists Support Fund 2017-18
If you have any communication difficulties or are struggling with the form, email us at aa2aproject@icloud.com

This fund is designed to support artists who are on benefits associated with low income or have income below £12,000 and need financial support towards the costs of travel, formal childcare, disability and materials. You can apply using this form as soon as you receive an invitation into an institution for an 'interview'. For more details about how it works, go to http://www.aa2a.org/grant

IMPORTANT - THIS IS A LIVE FORM so find your bank details before you start and if you're writing longer answers then prepare them first then paste the text in. Refresh / reload the form before you start to check its still 'live'.

Questions with a red asterisk must be filled in and a few other questions are also compulsory. Your form will only reach us when you press SUBMIT. If you do not see a 'Thank you' screen, try submitting again.

If you have to withdraw from the scheme we will usually ask you to repay all (or an appropriate proportion) of the money so we can reallocate it to other artists.

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You can apply as soon as you receive an invitation into the institution for an 'interview'
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7. Are any of your expenses associated with a disability? *
If ‘Yes’ please ignore the maximum figure of £350 given below
8. How much are you applying for ? *
You can apply for up to £350 if you are on benefits associated with low income & £250 if you're not on benefits but have an income of less than £12,000 a year
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9. Are you in receipt of any benefits due to low income etc.? *
10. Please list at least one of the benefits you are on below
eg. Job seekers, Universal credit, Housing benefit, Working tax credit, Family credit, (NOT Child benefit), Disability benefits
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11. If you are not on benefits but have an income of less than £12,000 a year,
Tell us your annual income & brief outline of circumstances e.g. part-time employment £5,300 + self-employment £3,600
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12. If applying for help towards travel costs, how far do you live from your chosen institution/s?
NB : Because we are funded by Arts Council England we do not fund travel or accommodation for artists travelling from outside England.
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13. Please give us a full breakdown of what the funds will be used for (max. 200 words) *
List your expected costs as if making an expenses claim e.g. 15 trips of 30 miles @ 25p = £112.50; 10 extra childcare sessions @ £17 = £170: specialist printing paper 10 sheets @ £1.70 = £17.00 Total claim £299.50. NB: Mileage is paid at a maximum of 25p a mile. Equipment and computers cannot be funded
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14. Tell us how the budget will help you to achieve your aims (max. 100 words) *
Why do you need the funds and what difference will it make to your work
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15. Please confirm that you understand that you must let your chosen institution/s know if you will be unable to take up a place if we can't provide the funds you're applying for *
This doesn't affect our decisions but will help institutions in their planning
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