Solstice 2018 Art Installation Form
Thank you for your interest in bringing an art installation to Om Reunion Project's Solstice Gathering :)

First, we'd like to share with you these important guidelines that apply to all members and artists (yes, that means YOU):

~Solstice is a LEAVE NO TRACE event where members are expected to pack out what they pack in.
~Respect the land. Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect the local laws and customs.
~NO glass.

* For anyone bringing an art installation:: we have a diverse community and strive to create an inclusive, anti-oppressive, safe space. We expect you to keep this in mind with your installation. We also ask that you provide as much detail in your installation description as possible! Please send us any drawings/sketches of your project to *

** If you would like help to pay for transportation, put this in your grant application budget. Those asking for grant support should be aware that we cannot guarantee complete coverage of all your costs and requests. We are flexible if you need to downsize a little bit with your project but hope that you can stick with the original size, despite likely having to cover some of the costs on your own. We also encourage you to apply to bring your installation to other festivities this summer with whom may also be able to support your project financially. **

*** Lastly, you are eligible for a discounted CREW membership/s! Let’s discuss this after you have submitted your form and we have been able to read over the size and costs of your project. This applies to all art installation applicants, no matter the request for grant support or not. We will be sure to send you an email about this topic in a timely manner! In the meantime, we invite you to apply for a discounted CREW position with the Art Department. Please submit as much information as you can. The more available you are, the more we can help each other make this an awesome experience for everyone! As for setting up your installation, you are invited to bring your project to the land on a weekend in May or June, or during the setup week before the gathering, while other crews are on sight setting up as well. Upon emailing you about your application, we will be asking you if this option is of interest to you so be sure to schedule yourselves! ***

~In an effort to make this process more accessible, we accept proposals in other formats, such as audio/video recordings, sketches, etc, along with this form. If you would like to upload any documents or images to support your proposal, you can do so on the last section of this form.

If you have any questions regarding installations, this form or your proposal contact

Deadline for submissions:: June 1st!

Thank you again from ORP and we look forward to seeing your visions become a reality!

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