Climathon 2018香港︰創出香港零碳未來 (團體報名表) Climathon 2018 Hong Kong: Create a Zero Carbon future for Hong Kong (Team Registration Form)
所屬公司、機構、學校、組織名字 (如有) Company, organization, group or school your team belongs to (fill in if applicable) *
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團隊名稱 Name of your team *
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1. 你們已選定要回應的氣候挑戰主題嗎?Has your team decided which climate challenge you want to tackle? *
2. (承上題) 請說明你有興趣解決的其他氣候挑戰(Continue from the above) Please state the climate challenge you are interested to tackle beyond the 4 aspects mentioned above.
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