Thank you for wanting to Volunteer. Below read over the different teams descriptions and see what fits you best to help make this Burn happen. The Soup isn’t yummy without a good mix of ingredients, and those ingredients are our participants! Like any event of this type, we need a certain level of infrastructure in order for things to proceed in a (relatively) safe and (somewhat) sane manner. The more coverage we have in certain key areas, the more people can attend.


Only Greeters has Sign up available to public at this time due to Rangers, EMT and Sanctuary the Leads have to know what training you have and/or schedule for training before Filling out the Shift Sign up! Please fill out the form.
IF YOU FILLED OUT THE FORM...That Lead will be contacting shortly or already has please check your email.

Happy Friendly Faces that Welcome you Home. They also go over the Survival Guide, help get waivers signed, and help with Zone Greeting. Times are only during Gate hours.

SHIFT SIGN UP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lAbx-NISvWftYkOwoLwCf-2VAtzMzumTWm94vwrLtjQ/edit?usp=sharing

EET has a lot of walking and shifts are during the full 24 hrs of each day the Burn happens.

Radical self-reliance and respect means you are responsible for your own actions. However, Rangers make sure your actions don’t interfere with the enjoyment of the event for others. This following basic courtesy, not letting camps in any manner flow into another’s camp by volume (unless welcomed), pass through peeps, and working out disagreements respectfully. So being good with conflict resolution. Rangers will be wondering around the event so you must be able to walk a lot. Rangers do help EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. They are not police, THEY ARE NOT THE MAN. RANGERS ARE PARTICIPANTS WHO VOLUNTEER to help make our event from outside interference (self-policing), so that we can celebrate 24/7 during the Burn.

Ranger Training will be Happening Wednesday AUGUST 24th at 7:30pm at the Church Night at Austin Lloyd Warehouse.
Please fill this out to attend: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfm5g5Zkhow44HoCtfhIlU2oek0SU3W3Yh2W5TeoHbI6h7Jfg/viewform?usp=send_form


Elsewhere Medical Team (some known it as ‘PET’s’ from Burning Flipside) provides 24-HOUR FIRST AID AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE for Burnt Soup TX. Every ‘EMT’ is a certified or licensed medical professional who is trained to treat injuries and, if necessary, work with the Rangers to evacuate patients with serious injuries or potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Also part of the EMT Team is Sanctuary that helps when Burnt Soup TX can be a challenging environment, not just physically but emotionally, and sometimes people get overwhelmed. Sanctuary is there to help participants get centered and get back into the event. We are looking for LPC, MFPT, etc.. for the event as well.

The Elsewhere Fire Department is made up of trained firefighters. They are responsible to help keep any fires in the fire rings on the property not during a burning ban kept safe. They are responsible for all Effigy and Art Burns to be maintained and put out if necessary. They are responsible for any stove or bbq fires as well as helping maintain Fire Spinner/Flow Artist Fires from getting too out of hand.

BurntSoup has a Stage for any fun acts like Karaoke, Poetry Slam, Small Plays, Dj's, Live Bands, Performance Art, etc.. We need someone to help manage it. As well as we need someone to help put up posting of when people do events like mentioned above in their own camps.

DaFT-Effigy Build Team
This year we are allowing new faces to help us build a small Effigy to show off your mad Building Art Skills.

Basically you help get the property ready with Operations, such as getting Cart for Safety team, lights, radios, etc...You make sure we have all things needed to help run the event get to the Playa. Also help us get it off the playa.

Shaved Apes
New Feature this year: People willing to help Pre-Ops, Theme camps, and people in general put their stuff together and take it down.

LNT (Leave No Trace)/Earth Guardian
Recreation Plantation Loves US! We are best people in 17 years that have cleaned up after ourselves! We always leave the place better than we found it! So we would love to have a Earth Guardian help us with our Tradition!

Ice Team
We go through Ice and we need someone willing to donate their time help us keep stocked up and sell the Ice for the event.

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