COMM2520 Mid-Term Course Evaluation
This mid-term course evaluation will be very useful for me to improve my teaching in the rest of the semester and next year. Thank you for your honest comments!
1. This course is designed for 3rd year (junior) students. Do you think the content/concepts covered in the class so far is simple … difficult?
2. You must have noticed that I did not teach *A Brief History of Neoliberalism* in my lecture; instead, I arranged two class sections for group discuss. How do you feel about this arrangement?
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3. I have run the discussion in two formats. In the first format, I assigned you into groups based on the similarity of the questions you had posted onto Blackboard; each group discussed a different set of questions. In the second format, I let you group yourself and every group discussed the same question. How would you compare these two formats? Which one do you prefer?
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