JC's 7-Day Audience Building Challenge
Thanks for joining my little experiment. The goal is to help you start a habit of engaging on Twitter and growing your own personal community. Over seven days, I will:

1) Give you a daily goal to meet.
2) Recommend people for you to follow.
3) Recommend conversations for you to engage in.
4) Give you ideas about what to post.
5) Remind you if you forget or miss a goal.
6) Track your progress (followers & engagement).

For me, this is the start to a larger project to see how we can systematize the task of community building for creators, founders, etc. I'm dreaming of a smart personal tool that can tell you what to do everyday, send reminders, track your progress, etc., so this is my way of discovering if it can be a viable project down the road.

This is meant to be a low-pressure thing, so if you drop out for any reason, that's all part of the process. But I hope it proves helpful!


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