GO PTO Sponsorship Request
Need help with a community event or fundraiser? Use this form to tell us about yourself, your idea, and how the PTO can help. We ask that requests be submitted at least 1 month in advance of the event date, and that it be presented to the community via newsletter, or at a PTO General Meeting.

** Please note, per our bylaws, the Executive Board (PTO Officers, Committee Leads, and Teacher Representatives) must vote to approve the event. **

Because we are a registered 501c3, any event that we sponsor must benefit the entire school population. But don't fret ... we are here to support you! If you have a specific classroom idea, we can collaborate with the school to find a way to make it happen. Continue through the form to share and we'll reach out!

Note that any event to be held on school property requires a staff host so that we can access the school. The cost for a staff host is $35/hour. There is also a $70 flat rate custodial fee. Please include these costs in your request.
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School Sponsor Name (All events on campus require a staff host - teacher or administrator) *
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