Black Momentum Training 2019
Welcome & thank you for your interest in Momentum! We're so glad you'd like to join us!

This Momentum training is an intensive 4-day training designed to give organizers the tools to build progressive popular social movements to win on the most pressing justice issues of our time.

Below you will find more information about our upcoming training, followed by an application which will take about 20-30 minutes to fill out.

==========TRAINING DETAILS==========

The Momentum training will be held August 22-25 in Durham, NC.

Applications are due June 28th. We'll get back to you shortly after applications close within a couple of weeks. Registration and confirmation will be expected within a week of acceptance.

We are expecting that everyone who attends Momentum trainings will be present from the start until the end for each day, and will participate in all scheduled sessions. Because we will be starting the morning of Thursday, August 22nd, plan to arrive in Durham by the evening of August 21st and leave no earlier than 6 PM on August 25th. Please plan to be fully present at the training. If that is not possible for you, please consider joining us later at a better time for you.

If you have any questions, please contact lead recruitment, Natt Offiah (

==========WHO SHOULD APPLY==========

Momentum aims to support the next wave of experiments in movement-building in the United States and beyond. Our participants come from a wide range of backgrounds - some have been organizing for decades, and some have just begun. What they share in common is an eagerness to interrogate both their successes and failures in their experiences so far, and a hunger to learn from history, themselves, and others as they continue to grow. As a ‘movement school,' our ideal participants are those who:

— Wish to learn movement strategy as a craft developed throughout the history of global struggles
— Want to engage large numbers of people in social change
— Are willing to experiment and try new things
— Have experience in the field - organizing actions, and building people-power with their communities, at national and local levels
— Have personally reflected on and want to continue reflecting on organizing insights about what works and what doesn't work

The Momentum training is ideal for those who are able to influence strategy within their organizations as well as those who are willing to operate outside of existing organizations to launch new experiments.

Also, this training, in particular, is a Black-only space. So please, only apply if you identify as a part of the Black Diaspora.

==========TRAINING COSTS==========

We strive to make our trainings as accessible as possible to those most directly impacted by injustice, including those from organizations with small budgets. With this in mind, we have a sliding tuition scale structure to meet these costs that accommodate organizations of various budget sizes. 

— The actual cost per participant for the four days of training, materials, lodging, and food is $800 per participant. If you are coming from an organization with resources, we ask that you pay for the full cost. Your support in covering the full cost allows us to dedicate more resources to travel scholarships and subsidized tuition for others.
— If your organization has resources or if you are willing to sponsor the costs for other participants, you may pay sponsor-level tuition, and we appreciate your support. All additional tuition funds will go directly to scholarships and travel funds for participants to attend.
— We have structured a sliding scale tuition level for smaller organizations or for individuals coming without organizational support.
— We anticipate that most individuals and organizations will not be able to pay the full cost amount, and are committed to providing tuition discounts or scholarships to the majority of participants. If you have resources to cover the full cost or more, that helps us keep it accessible for other participants. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please indicate your interest on the application.

==========SUPPORT THIS TRAINING==========

If you would like to help support making this training financially accessible through donations, grants, or sponsorships, you can donate at or contact Davida Ginsberg at

Thank you for applying! We look forward to being in touch.
- The Momentum Team

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