Artist Alley Registration

Hi there, Please note that more info regarding the artist alley will follow via email if you have been selected - contact email is below if you have any questions. Contact:   Subject Line: Artists Alley

Set-up Time will be from 8am - 9.30am,Saturday.



SUNDAY: 10am - 6pm 


Load-out Time will be on 18th Dec, Sunday from 6.30pm-8pm.



Applications will close on November 27th 2022.

If your artwork is accepted we will advise you by November 27th 2022  .

Cost of Registration of $150.00 must be paid by 27th November, or you will lose your space and it will be offered to the next person on the Application List. 

You will be sent the bank details to pay your deposit upon acceptance of your application. 



We have a limited number of booths available for the Festival.

  1. This is a Family Event, so keep that in mind at all times.

  2. No sharing of space is allowed.

  3. Only ORIGINAL WORK will be accepted for the Festival. 

  4. FAN ART IS  ALLOWED.  However it needs to be made by you. It has to be in your style and your reinterpretation of it.  NO Tracings and NO stealing artwork from books or online and reprinting will be allowed. We will not condone STOLEN art sold as originals. We will check this at the Saturday Morning walkthrough of the booths at 9am. If we find that you have broken this rule, your application may be declined in future events. We want to encourage you to produce as much quality original work as possible for the event.

  5. Anything from posters to toys will be accepted but they must be of your design work.

  6. You must have a large body of work as we want to give the attendees enough of your work to see over the entire weekend and not just on Saturday. 

  7. No drunkenness or use of controlled substances is allowed.

  8. Profanity to be kept at a minimum, though we encourage you to refrain as it will help you sell your work and not drive away our attendees. Children will be around at all times. 

  9. No sexually related content or imagery will be allowed. No, “What if’s}, or, “Buts” will be up for debate. You can hand out business cards or contents  if an over 18yrs old asks, but if we see you showing off any Mature Content you will be talked to ONCE. Second time you will be escorted off the premises. We abide by the laws of the land when it comes down to explicit content in public.

  10. Any fighting between booths/artists will mean immediate closure of booths for either parties involved. And you will have to pack all your work and be escorted off the premises by Security.

  11. Remember Rule #1 at all times

You must fill out the below Application Form.

We suggest that you send as many images of your work which showcases your skill and craftsmanship. 

Our purpose is to make Artist Alley an awesome area that inspires children, youth and adults alike to support, and purpose your work and even in time be spired to create their own one day.

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