Divvy Proposal Submission
All Projects in the Divvy Alpha Pilot must meet Divvy Strategic Goals (https://goo.gl/SdJKOl) and follow Proposal Guidelines (https://goo.gl/EXadgc).

Submitting a proposal is no guaranty that your proposal will be accepted. Proposers understand that any Divvy Tokens that are awarded to a project have no value because they are being issued in Morden Test Net in the Divvy Alpha Pilot. To understand the Pilot you should be familiar with the the following documents:

Divvy Pilot Community Manual: https://goo.gl/ie4lMs
Divvy Roadmap to the Divvy DAO: https://goo.gl/E6W7vP
Divvy Executive Summary & Pilot Proposal: https://goo.gl/aCIUTu

Thank you from the Divvy Managers on behalf of the Divvy Community for your time and effort in submitting this Proposal.

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