REGISTRATION: 5th Annual Kennedy Senate Simulation
The Kennedy School Negotiation Project brings you the 5th annual Kennedy Senate Simulation.

This year's simulation will thrust you into the heart of the United States Senate, embodying a real Senator as you grapple with politics, policy and loyalties. One hundred Senators will draft and debate crucial legislation under the eye of a dedicated press corps and reacting live to real world events. Welcome to the belly of the beast.

Registration fills up fast and priority consideration will be given to those that sign up early!

NOTE: If you are interested in Senate leadership (think playing Mitch McConnell), you will play a core role in mobilizing your caucus in the chamber.

When: November 8th (9am - 5pm, lunch will be provided)
Where: Harvard Law School

Please contact Emily Schlichting ( with any questions!

KSNP is a project of the Center for Public Leadership.
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