Open and Off Campus 2019-2020
THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY YEAR! (Even if you completed it last year!!)
Criteria for open/off campus privileges:
1) Achieved the required number of credits - 50 credits for juniors, 75 credits for seniors.

2) Incurred no fourth quarter suspensions in previous school year.

3) Met the required number of Community Service hours completed and logged in ASPEN - 10 hours for juniors, 30 hours for seniors.
Directions for logging Community Service hours in ASPEN:

4) Returned or paid for all materials from previous school years.

5) Received parental permission (completed via electronic form below).

Juniors with open campus do not have off-campus privileges during first semester. During second semester, juniors may leave campus during D, E, and F blocks. My digital signature below indicates that I authorize open-campus privileges for my son/daughter.

For more information about the OPEN/OFF CAMPUS program, please click here:
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