Protect Baltimore's Renters
I support City Council Bill 18-0185, the Rental Licensing & Regulations Bill introduced by Councilman Bill Henry on January 22, 2018. Please pass this bill with the amendments proposed by Councilman Bullock. These amendments carry the support of Communities United, Public Justice Center, Jews United for Justice, Baltimore Healthy Start, and other advocates for safe and healthy rental housing.

Passage of 18-0185 will hold landlords accountable for maintenance and nuisances. It will proactively protect the 53% of Baltimore city residents who rent their homes. It will improve the quality of life in so many Baltimore neighborhoods where rentals comprise over 90% of the housing stock.

But 18-0185 can be – and should be – improved. I urge you to support the following amendments:

1. Require the City to relocate renters whose landlords can't or won't get licensed! Earmark revenue for financial assistance. No one should lose housing because of rental licensing!

2. Create a Community Task Force to provide input on rental housing inspection requirements. Let renters, community leaders, educators, and health experts help to decide what a "passing" inspection means.

3. Obtain financial disclosures from contractors who register to do rental license inspections.

4. Make records of passing & failing inspections, license information & contractor information easily available online. Renters should see a "carfax" for any rental before they sign a lease!

We, the undersigned, urge you to vote yes on the bill, with the added amendments that protect Baltimore City renters.

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