Sara Berry's Commissions!
Thank you for commissioning me!
This is a form created for making it easier for you to share your ideas with me! :)

If you have any doubt about how to fill it or have any problem, please forward me an email me at

Please make sure you've read all the disclaimers before answering the form:

- I will do ocs and mild NSFW.
- I will design ocs (I will need a lot of references).
- I won't do any kind of violent (gore) or abusive content.
- Payment is upfront via Paypal invoice.
- The price may vary depending on the complexity (very detailed backgrounds, armors, complex designs and effects like fire and water will cost extra).
- Commissions should be made minimum one month in advance from the deadline you want.
- I will upload the final piece on my portfolio and social media accounts with a watermark or cropped version.
- I have the right to refuse a work for whatever reason.

If you want to commission more than one piece, please fill a new form each time.
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