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This fall and spring, we will be distributing prototypes of the Craniate kits to families and establishments that have or work directly with students age 9-13. If you are interested in learning more about the products or you would like to receive a prototype, please fill out the form below. Contents will be received over a 6 month period. Participants are encouraged to continually use and review items for the entire period.

Opportunities are limited (50) and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Further details will be provided upon selection to participate. This is the first of many studies! If you are not selected for this round, you may be eligible for subsequent studies. Thank you for your interest!
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By reading the content on this page, I am aware that I am ineligible for customer discovery interviews. I will not be interviewed about my job needs or goals pertaining to work with middle-school-aged youth. *
Only adults may register to participate. (Minors in the Bouldr, CO area, may volunteer.) Are you 18+ years old? *
Craniate STEM education kits are immersive, interactive, and inclusive. We will be creating 3 prototypes of the comic and experiment kit and send either or both to participating groups. Each participant will receive each of the three prototypes over a 3-5 month period. Prototypes will come with a survey, which will help us create better designs, and measure impacts on learning. All information collected will be anonymous, with no ability to trace the identity of any individual from collected information. All interactions will comply with CU's Institutional Review Board (IRB). *
MOD Cap prototype demo video
AXON Squad characters (Left to right: AISHA (hypervision, musical talent), FRANKIE (sound sensitive, geometric art), HANNA (chemosensation, tech wiz), G.I.A. (intergalactic comparative biomechanics scientist from the future)
What component are you interested in receiving. Select all that apply. *
Would you be interested in testing these prototypes in person (ATLAS Roser Building) or online? We will follow CU Boulder's COVID-19 safety members, which currently requires masks at all times & social distancing where possible. A recording of the event will be taken, but no identifying information will be shared or collected. ( *
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