Thanks for playing!
We would like to get some initial reactions from you on your experience. Even though this is a very basic prototype, we are interested in all you have to say and any ideas you have to make the next version and eventually the final product as great as it can be. And rest assured, will not share your email address with anyone else.
Amelie is a real elephant living in Tanzania and her tracks and movement are based on real data. Was this obvious to you?
Does/did knowing that Amelie is real make you feel closer to her?
What else would you add into the game/experience to feel better connected with Amelie?
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How would playing a game similar to this motivate you to help wildlife conservation?
What did you enjoy about playing this version?
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Help us think about a more finished game. What would you want to include that would make the game more fun, interesting, engaging for you? Feel free to think big or think details.
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Please leave us your email address. We will enter you for a drawing for a small prize.
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