Club Campsite Cook of the Year 2017 Entry Form
Canoe-camping Club
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Name of dish
What is the name and description of your dish? For example: SCRUMPY PORK A Somerset inspired dish of grilled pork tenderloin with a cider and cream sauce. Served with fresh crusty bread.
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Please list all ingredients and include quantities
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As briefly as possible tell us how you make your dish. Include any particular methods you use to make this campsite friendly (for example in the absence of electrical appliances)
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Eat Local
What is the Eat Local element to your dish? For example have you used a regional cheese, a craft ale, some fresh or seasonal produce in your dish? Maybe you've used British game or seafood or given a campers twist to a regional favourite like Lancashire Hotpot or just been inspired by a regions flavours? ... Be creative - we want to be inspired and surprised.
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Things to consider...
Can it be cooked on a barbecue or gas stove?
Not including the prep, can it be cooked in 30 minutes?
Is this a recipe that can be cooked easily on a campsite?
Are you available to come and cook your dish at NFOL 2017 in Hickstead on Saturday 26th August at 4.30pm?
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