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About the Young European Ambassadors:

The ‘Young European Neighbours’ (YEN) network and its ‘Young European Ambassadors’ (YEAs) initiative are organised by the EU-funded ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project within the OPEN Neighbourhood programme whose goal is to contribute to improved perceptions and awareness of EU activities in the Eastern partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project places a strong emphasis on engaging young people as part of its outreach work. For this reason, the project launched the ‘Young European Neighbours’ (YEN) network and the ‘Young European Ambassadors’ (YEAs) initiative in June 2016 with the aim:

• To foster cooperation and sustainable links between young people and youth organisations
• To encourage active youth engagement in local communities
• To support public diplomacy and dialogue-driven activities
• To support youth outreach efforts and developing ‘one voice’
• To connect young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the EU Member States
• To enhance youth engagement
• To share EU-related information.
The YEN network is primarily an online platform, which facilitates the mutual exchange of ideas and information on the European Union (EU) and Eastern Partnership (EaP), as well as promotes the engagement of young people (16-26 years old) in outreach action. It focuses on people-to-people contact and dialogue-driven activities, which contribute to an enhanced understanding and improved perception of the EU and a greater appreciation of its relationships with the Eastern Neighbourhood.

The YEAs initiative includes more than 700 ‘Young European Ambassadors’ aged between 16 and 26 years old that regularly engage in civic actions, participate in youth events, and communicate on social media. They contribute to increased awareness and perception of the EU and enhanced understanding of the EU partnership and cooperation with its Eastern partner countries. The YEAs initiative is voluntary and proactive, with the main goal:
• To network with young people from the EU and Eastern partner countries
• To share experience, knowledge and opportunities related to the EU and Eastern partner
• To raise awareness about the Eastern Partnership and EU support and cooperation with
Eastern partner countries
• To deepen bonds between young people from EU and Eastern partner countries
• To encourage civic engagement action, as well as foster unity and mutual understanding well
as foster unity and mutual understanding
• To communicate the main message that we are #strongertogether

Please be so kind and always use the same email address for communication with the YEAs. This greatly helps us in communicating with prospective candidates.

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