Merchant Application
*Here is what you need to know before applying: Your acceptance is based on a variety of
criteria including but not limited to: the quality and uniqueness of your work, whether we have
something similar already in-store and the appeal of your branding, marketing, and display.
Business Insurance is required. Please have pictures of your products, branding, and display ideas
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MANDATORY: Business insurance (min. $1,000,000) must be provided upon approval. *
I agree to promote my retail space once a week on social media. Showcasing my space and retail products for sale. *
I agree to give 30 days' notice to This is Made Inc. before I choose to leave my retail space. Failure to do so will require me to pay for the month in full. Do you agree? *
Please read the entire form and all photos attached as this is a legally binding agreement. By Electronically signing below with your name you agree to all that has been stated in the document/form. Write your full legal name (first and last) in the space below if you agree. *** Please note this document only becomes binding if you are chosen and make a payment *
I fully understand and am aware that I cannot sell, display or promote counterfeit, registered trademarked, or illegal products of any kind at This is made (this includes all social media outlets). *
I agree to keep this application and any contracts, emails, and conversations via text, email, social media and verbal are confidential during the duration of my rental agreement and afterward. *
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