NBPD - Quality of Service - MV Accident
What is the Accident Number? *
Accident number is located on page 1 of the accident report and followed by the letters "AC"
Was this your first contact with a member of the New Bedford Police Department? *
Were you treated professionally by the 911 Dispatcher(s) or call takers(s)? *
Were you satisfied with how long it took the officer(s) to arrive at the accident? *
Were you provided with all the information and documentation you needed? *
example: name of tow company, operator and insurance information of those involved
Was your report completed and available in a timely manner? *
Were you treated professionally when you picked up your accident report? *
How would you rate your overall experience with the New Bedford Police Department as a result of this incident? *
Please provide any comments or suggestions you may have:
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