Parkview Device Request

The email will be used as a digital signature. The Parent or Guardian is therefore agreeing to the terms of use and possible cost of repairs or replacement. This equipment is the property of the Mountain View School District (MVSD) and will be due back either upon request from the school and/or upon your child's exit from the MVSD.
Students in grades TK-2 are assigned an iPad. Students in grades 3-8 are assigned a Chromebook. Please read this agreement carefully.

I understand that I am financially responsible for any damage to the student device and that in case of theft, I will be responsible for filing an official police report and informing my school immediately.

El correo electrónico se utilizará como la firma digital. Por lo tanto el Padre or Guardian acepta las condiciones de uso y los posibles costos de reparación o reemplazo.Este equipo es propiedad del Distrito Escolar de Mountain View (MVSD) y deberá devolverse a pedido de la escuela y / o cuando su hijo salga del MVSD. Los estudiantes de TK-2 reciviran un iPad. Los estudiantes de grado 3-8 reciviran un chromebook. Porfavor lean el contrato con detalle.

Entiendo que soy financialmente responsable por cualquier daño al dispositivo del estudiante y que en caso de robo, seré responsable de presentar un informe policial oficial e informar a mi escuela imediatamente.

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I understand that it is to be used for schoolwork only and in accordance with School Board Policy 6163.4 Student Use of Technology. I understand I am only to access websites for the purpose of completing school assignments. I shall not sell, lease or otherwise grant anyone rights to the student device. I shall adhere to the District’s rules and regulations governing the use of the student device and software. *
California Education Code 51512. Online Learning may include video-conferencing and/or audio-conferencing with your child's teacher.California Educational Code prohibits the recording of the teacher by any person without the consent of the teacher and the principal of the school. Students violating this code will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Any other person, other than the student, violating this code shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. *
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