Lindy Diversion 2020 Housing Form!
Please fill out the following survey if you are requesting housing, or available to host during the event. For your request for housing to be valid you must have either an All Music and Dance Pass or Full Access Pass for the event.


For those hosting:

• You are only required to provide a place for guests to sleep and shower.
• You are not responsible for providing toiletries, transportation, food, or anything else.

For those requesting housing:

• Hosts are only responsible for providing a place for you to sleep and shower.
• You will need to contact your host to find out what you need to bring (sleeping bag, towels, etc)
• Please respect all rules provided by the host.

We will do our best to honor all requests to be housed with certain people.
We will honor all requests to be housed with or to host people of the same gender.

Deadline, Assignment, and Questions.

• Housing requests will close after February 7th
• Housing assignments will be sent out by February 14th. However, housing IS NOT guaranteed.
• All housing questions should be directed to our Housing Coordinator, Kin Wong, at
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Your Physical Address (Hosts only)
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Are you Requesting Housing or offering to Host? *
Are there any people you want to be housed with?
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Up to how many people can you host for the event? (Hosts only)
Floor space and couches are great as well! As long as they have a space to sleep, and shower.
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Gender Preference *
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Do you mind being housed by home owner that has pets? (Housing Request only)
If you have allergies towards specific animal(s), please list them under allergies
Do you have any allergies, if so, what are they?
Animals or cigarette smell, as well as any other
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If you own pet(s), What type and how many are there? (Hosts only) *
Dogs, cats, birds, and etc. If you don't own any pets please put none.
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Do you smoke? *
Are you personally planning to attend the event?
Can you assist the people staying at your house with transportation? (Hosts only)
How are you traveling to the event? (Housing Requests only)
Do you have parking available where you live? (Hosts only)
On-street or off-street, just need to know if those driving will have a place nearby to park
Are there anything else you would like to add or want to let us know about?
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Thank you for taking your time to fill out the Survey!
We look forward to seeing you at Lindy Diversion 2020!
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