TNS Scholarship Application
Because we believe early music education gives every child the best possible start in life, we have committed to providing a limited number of scholarships to make this opportunity available to as many children as possible.
Scholarships are intended to help families who want to make the benefits of music classes/lessons a priority for their child(ren), but who are unable to participate due to extenuating circumstances. Priority will be given to families facing major illness, special needs, or job loss, or large families. Other circumstances may be considered. Scholarships will be awarded at the sole discretion of Take Note Studio.
Approved families will need to pay for the cost of home materials and supplies ($20/month per child). Scholarships may cover all or part of the remaining tuition.
Approved families will be asked to commit to consistent and punctual attendance, use of the Kindermusik home materials or lesson books, and confidentiality of receipt of the scholarship.
To apply for a scholarship, please fill out and submit the following form.
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