Career Preference Assessment
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Career Preference
There are statements appearing below. In the linear scale, rate your response between 1 and 5, with 1 as preferring the least and 5 as preferring the most.
Conceiving ideas for an advertisement *
Taking calls and noting details of complaints from customers *
Critically analysing a writer's literary work *
Repairing things at home *
Solving mathematical problems *
Checking soil in a cultivated field *
Convincing others on important matters *
Visiting a science museum *
Working for the needy people of the society *
Designing a card for a friend’s birthday *
Keeping things properly placed in a store *
Speaking and writing with grammatical correctness *
Observing the way the carpenter makes furniture *
Making estimates of expenditure for organising a picnic *
Watching animals grazing in the forest *
Explaining details of a product to the customers *
Working in a scientific research organisation *
Working for a village adopted by a group of close friends *
Directing a TV serial *
Ensuring systematic office work *
Writing an essay on the work of a famous poet *
Changing the battery in a wall clock *
Checking the bill properly before paying *
Supervising construction of a high-rise building *
Observing the way the salesmen deal with the customers *
Exploring facts about the universe *
Working for raising funds for poor patients in a hospital *
Developing ideas for the success of a school play *
Maintaining record of attendance of workers in a factory *
Reading literary works of well-known authors *
Reading user manual of new gadgets *
Making statement of income and expenditure after a group party *
Gardening *
Convincing co-passengers in a train on government policies *
Checking facts before believing anything *
Teaching a group of underprivileged children *
Designing jewelry *
Managing the office of a housing society *
Writing a short story on a real incident *
Trying to repair a scooter that has stopped working suddenly *
Helping a student in solving a mathematical problem *
Studying the eating habits of birds in a bird sanctuary *
Persuading a chain smoker to give up smoking *
Searching the internet to know more about the solar system
Helping people to choose their careers *
Being a judge in a painting artists' competition *
Working out the salaries of employees in a company *
Reading novels and poems of famous writers *
Assembling the parts of a bicycle *
Solving difficult mathematical problems *
Checking the quality of work in a construction site *
Bargaining to reduce the price of an item being purchased *
Gathering information about the atmosphere of moon *
Distributing food packets to flood victims *
Directing a play for the annual day of the school *
Checking names in voters' list in an election *
Writing stories for a magazine *
Rectifying a defective water tap *
Taking a course in financial accounting *
Trekking through a mountain track to find new plants *
Convincing a village woman to use cooking gas instead of firewood *
Explaining climate change to people *
Helping villagers in water conservation *
Taking part in an artists' camp *
Taking stock of furniture and equipment in a large office *
Writing a long appreciation letter to a helpful friend *
Observing a mechanic repairing a car *
Calculating profit and loss for a cultural festival sales stall *
Spending time in a night-hut in a forest to observe animals *
Encouraging people to buy a useful kitchen utensil *
Finding out the latest developments in cancer cure *
Helping patients to register for treatment in a large hospital *
Personality Adjustment
Rate the statements below in the linear scale, - between 1 being the least in agreement and 5 being the most in agreement.
I can bear hot or cold climates well *
I love to take my own decisions *
I fantasise often *
I enjoy social gatherings *
My parents care for each other a lot *
Falling sick sometimes is a part of life *
I believe in working hard to make a good living *
I can understand the feelings of others well *
I have a lot of friends *
Life at home is comfortable for me *
I love physical activities *
I hate others helping me in everything *
People around me are mostly trustworthy *
I love to go to parties with many friends *
At home, we care for each other a lot *
One has to be always cautious about catching infections *
I need to build my career myself *
I feel relaxed when I wake up *
It is a pleasure to meet my relatives *
I respect my father a lot *
One should feel physically strong always *
I like soldiers because they are capable of living a tough life *
I do not feel very anxious during examinations *
People have to take interest in keeping their locality clean *
I love my mother a lot *
I tend to catch cold frequently *
I like to select my personal things myself *
I feel most people around are good *
I love attending social functions like marriages *
I feel relaxed when I am at home *
It is not safe to drink any water other than purified ones *
When in trouble, I expect others to help me *
People can harm others through black magic *
It is our responsibility to help others in difficulty *
At home, we mostly have our dinner together *
Winter cold is harmful to health *
It is fine if I have to take help from others to do my things *
Luck plays a big role in life *
Donating blood is a fine social gesture *
We help each other at home *
It is not good for health to get wet in rains *
Parents have to help their children till they get a good job *
My close people often trust me a lot *
Helping in organising a sports event is very satisfying *
My parents always try to ensure that I am happy *
One has to be very cautious while eating in parties *
I like someone guiding me while taking important decisions *
I do not like to disclose many things to others *
It is necessary to contribute something for the flood victims *